Meetings schedule

We have meeting every Tuesday at 14:00 in the room #5.44. Feel free to join us, meet us, talk to us.

Upcoming meetings:

26.5.2020Ing. Lukáš Šoltés, PhD., Ing. František Horváth, PhD. – Measurement devices

2.6.2020Ing. Peter Bakonyi – Introduction to Kubernetes


19.5.2020Ing. Martin Sabo, PhD. – Utilizing artificial intelligence in IMS spectrometry

12.5.2020 Ing. Peter Kaňuch – Classification of the IoT Technologies for Better Selection to Real Use (Sumbitted to TSP2020)

5.5.2020Bc. Sultan Numyalai – Smart electricity measurement and monitoring system using Blockchain and IoT (Master’s thesis)

21.4.2020Ing. Michal Hatala, PhD. – Introduction to printed electronics, printed electrochemical sensors